Civic Center

San Francisco, California

An aerial view of downtown San Francisco, including City Hall, and the site of the site of The Kelsey Civic Center

San Francisco, California

Inclusion in the heart of San Francisco

The Kelsey Civic Center will be a vibrant urban community offering 112 homes for people with and without disabilities of all incomes and backgrounds. Located across from San Francisco City Hall, the construction is targeted for 2023.

As a global demonstration project with C40 Cities, the Reinventing Cities competition addresses the global impacts of climate change alongside one of our time’s defining local issues: the affordable housing crisis. Anchored in inclusion, 25% of homes are reserved for people with disabilities in an accessibly designed building that supports multiple impact areas and access needs, supported by live-in Inclusion Concierges™. The community will serve as a beacon of sustainability and disability justice in the heart of a city with a rich history in both.

The Kelsey Civic Center as seen from Van Ness Street, a light-colored building with windows and brown paneling. The Grove Street entrance of The Kelsey Civic Center. A pop-up mural can be seen. The resident entry of The Kelsey Civic Center. Children and adults, including one in a wheelchair, are outside the building. The courtyard of The Kelsey Civic Center, with different colored balconies on each of the floors. Plants hang down from the balconies. The West Grove Street entrance of The Kelsey Civic Center. The building is made up of windows and white and brown paneling. Several people sit and stand around the lobby of The Kelsey Civic Center. The lobby of The Kelsey Civic Center. People sit at tables, in wheelchairs, and walk through the lobby, The Grove Street entrance of The Kelsey Civic Center.

"We are excited to continue working with [the City of San Francisco] on The Kelsey Civic Center, a new affordable development that will implement Universal Design features throughout to allow for maximum accessibility for San Franciscans.”

Doug Shoemaker, President
Mercy Housing California


Twenty-five percent of the units will be dedicated to people with disabilities who use Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). The universally designed and accessible building will provide programming for all residents and neighbors with the goal of fostering a mutually supportive environment rooted in the ethos of interdependence and informal support networks. Two full-time Inclusion Concierge staff members will help residents navigate their neighborhood, engage with their city, connect to programs and activities, and build community among residents with and without disabilities.


The Kelsey and its partners were awarded the site through Reinventing Cities, an unprecedented global competition organized by the C40 to drive carbon neutral and resilient urban regeneration. The Kelsey Civic Center will model that an all-electric, low-carbon building can be affordable to people of all incomes. To support biodiversity and urban agriculture, the project will offer a large garden within the building’s courtyard. Efficient units with shared community spaces will minimize resource waste, support low carbon design, and foster a resilient community.


The project will offer 100+ units of affordable housing. All units will be open to those who qualify at 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% of area median income creating a truly mixed-income community.

Development Partners

Mercy Housing California is a California-based nonprofit housing development organization with the mission of creating and strengthening healthy communities. They have created and preserved affordable housing for Californians for over 35 years. Today Mercy owns and manages 151 communities with over 10,300 homes statewide for more than 19,600 people.

Translated Materials

A video recap of The Kelsey Civic Center Groundbreaking

Housing Information

The community will be open in 2025, with leasing beginning 6 months prior to opening. Information about the requirements and application process will be released at the time when the lottery opens for applications. If you would like to receive information on opening and the lottery please fill out your information here.

The process for leasing for our property at 240 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco (Civic Center District) will likely begin in 2024. To be notified when that process begins, please provide contact information below. Only one contact type (email or phone number) is needed. We will NOT contact you for anything else besides The Kelsey Civic Center affordable housing lottery. More information about the community:

To sign up to be notified when our projects begin leasing, click here for The Kelsey Civic Center.

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