Open Positions

The Kelsey will be hiring for several roles over the next couple of months. If you are interested in learning about roles, please check back here or follow The Kelsey on LinkedIn. You can also sign up for our Field Notes where we share organization updates including when we post new roles.

About The Kelsey

Based in San Francisco, operating nationally, we are a team of people with and without disabilities creating a disability-forward housing future. This means that we create housing solutions that center on disability access, inclusion and equity, and which open doors to more affordable homes and opportunities for everyone. We have 240 homes in our pipeline and lead policy, advocacy, and field-building initiatives to support market conditions to make inclusive housing the norm. 

All new and existing team members are expected to embody our values in their everyday work:

  • Disability-Forward: We bring our lived experiences as disabled people and allies to everything we do. We seek to create spaces where disability is a valued part of human identity and communities. We center access, practice interdependence, and value diversity. 
  • Intentional: We are thoughtful, curious, and deliberate. We deeply understand the systems impacting our work and willingly learn new strategies needed to advance our mission.
  • Joyful: We value joy even as we undertake serious work and challenges. We create space for ourselves and our partners to experience community, fun, purpose, and happiness. 
  • Radically Inclusive: We are welcoming, care-centered, and accepting. We practice hospitality and foster belonging for all people in our community and networks, across their many identities and ideas.
  • Groundbreaking: We pave new ways to understand and approach the work we do, unconstrained by status quo and stigma. We transparently and willingly share our knowledge with others to make more impact possible and open new opportunities.

Senior Inclusion Concierge

Inclusion Concierge