Opportunity through Inclusivity

We center on the perspectives of people with disabilities to speed up development of affordable, inclusive community housing—opening new doors to more opportunities for everyone.

“The Kelsey’s leadership includes entrepreneurs of the caliber of those I have backed in the venture world. This drives their impressive progress and lasting impact. As a donor, I appreciate that my dollars are multiplied through The Kelsey’s unique leveraging of public, private, and philanthropic support to create even more good in our communities.”

John O'Farrell, Donor

Our Promise

We pioneer disability-forward housing solutions that open doors to more affordable homes and opportunities for everyone.

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Our Team

We are a committed team of people with and without disabilities that combine our expertise and lived experiences to advance impact in communities.

Together with our growing community of partners, we focus on establishing a scalable model for disability-inclusive, affordable housing across the U.S. and leading advocacy that makes those communities possible.


Micaela Connery

Founder and CEO

Caroline Bas


Eric Mondragon

Manager, Communications and Partnerships

Allie Cannington

Manager, Advocacy and Organizing

Ann Bui

Manager, Housing and Inclusion Services

Isaac Haney-Owens

Communications Analyst

Raul Orellana

Summer Analyst

Board of Directors

Erik Doyle

Chair / CBRE

Carol Weld King

Treasurer / Morris, Manning & Martin

Cate Sullivan

Secretary / Kelsey's Sister / Educator

Andrea LaVant

LaVant Consulting

Colleen Kelly

Harvard Kennedy School

Elizabeth Grigsby

Golden Gate Regional Center

Lindsay Johnson

J.D. Candidate, Georgetown University

Shaina Li

Social Construct

Stephanie Cornell

Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Swathi Bonda

Brookfield Properties

Will Goodman

Strada Investment Group

“As a disabled person, it personally impacts me.”

Kenna Chic, The Kelsey Alumna


White woman smiling at camera with light long brown hair

Caitlyn Fox

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Chan U Lee

Devine & Gong

Chris Beda

Wabash Partners

Erick Mikiten

Mikiten Architecture

John O’Farrell

Andreessen Horowitz

Rob Wagner

Sares Regis Group
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