Louisa Bukiet

Louisa, a white woman with dark hair in a ponytail is smiling and standing in front of a red brick wall. She is wearing a black button-up shirt and gold earrings.

Pronouns: She/Her. As a Housing Development Manager at The Kesley, Louisa manages business development in new regions and co-development of housing projects. Throughout her career in the built environment, Louisa has worked on a variety of design and engineering projects at all scales, but is most excited when working on the ways shared spaces bring people together to form communities. Prior to working at The Kelsey, Louisa consulted for projects in real estate development, architectural design, and proptech spanning both the non-profit and for profit worlds. Before that, Louisa ran design and engineering for a company expanding access to quality science education by building refrigerator-sized science museums and installing them in public spaces. There she was awarded a Autodesk Residency to complete design work on The Museum of Perpetual Motion. 

Louisa grew up in New York City and has lived in the Bay Area for over a decade. She has a BA from Brown University in Architecture and Masters’ degrees in Structural Engineering from Stanford University and Real Estate Development from UC Berkeley. She lives in Oakland with her husband and three young children where she serves on her local Community Development Board, aiming to bring more affordable housing to her own neighborhood. She spends her spare time camping, growing things on her rooftop patio, and making art.  

What part of The Kelsey’s mission are you proudest to be part of / support?

I’m proud to support The Kelsey’s vision for building integrated communities, not just accessible housing. The company focuses on what makes a thriving life for the people who will live in our homes, and that comes from the ways they are supported at all points in their ecosystems- not just their individual homes, but also the ways those homes are connected to other residents and the communities of which they are a part. 

What do you want to create Home for More of?

I want to create Home for More community and connection. We all lead better lives when we engage, help and are helped by the people around us. The homes The Kelsey is building have this at their core.