Katie McAuley

Katie is a white woman with long straight brown hair. Katie is standing in front of a black wall, smiling, wearing a black and gray striped shirt.

Pronouns: She/Her

Katie is the Housing Development Manager at The Kelsey. Katie has over a decade of experience working in affordable housing, primarily leading initiatives to support low-income homeowners safely and sustainably age in place. Katie has a B.A. in Public Policy and Cultural Studies from Chatham University and a Masters in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at Austin. While at UT Austin Katie focused her studies and internships on affordable housing policy and practice. Katie was inspired to dedicate her life’s work to affordable housing because of her personal experience of joy and struggle growing up under resourced in a diverse, low-income community in Sarasota, FL.

Katie currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA where she serves on the board of her local community development board, working to advance inclusive, accessible, affordable housing for all residents. In her free time Katie enjoys birding and gardening with her husband in her small urban yard.

What part of The Kelsey’s mission are you proudest to be part of / support?

The part of The Kelsey’s mission I am most proud to be a part of is the embrace of intersectionality in all of our work – allowing for diverse coalitions and partnerships to create sustainable housing developments, policy, and leadership networks. We all benefit from inclusive, accessible, and affordable housing and The Kelsey lives that ethos. 

What do you want to create Home for More of?

I want to create Home for More supportive, interdependent, joyful, and thriving communities.