Social Innovation and Change Initiative: Fellow Spotlight

Everything we believe began with Kelsey. Almost everything we do began with the Social Innovation and Change Initiative at Harvard.

When I was a student at Harvard Kennedy School, I was accepted into the first class of fellows at the SICI. It was there that first drafted the mission, vision, and business plan for The Kelsey. Their support funded our first workshops with people of all abilities across the country. Their team has served as advisors, champions, and mentors.

We’re grateful for SICI’s early and continued support of The Kelsey!

Housing crises in urban areas across the United States threaten to prevent many people from accessing shelter, community, and services. This trend is even worse for the millions of people with disabilities, in the US. Micaela Connery (MPP ’16, Cheng Fellow) is seeking to revolutionize affordable urban housing with The Kelsey, a replicable model for mixed-income, mixed-ability housing that leverages public and private interests.

Connery, a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities, developed her intimate awareness of the importance and challenges of inclusion from her cousin Kelsey. “Kelsey and I were born months apart, so we went through every milestone together,” said Connery … continue reading.