Element of the Month: Fiona Ruddy

This month, we are thrilled to feature Fiona Ruddy of Mercy Housing California, our beloved partner and co-developer of The Kelsey Civic Center. Fiona comes from a public health background with a deep passion for overall wellness and environmental sustainability. Her chosen element, Flooring Materials, highlights the health benefits of hard surfaces for flooring rather than carpet. Along with better health outcomes, this element boosts better design choices for disability-forward housing communities. She articulates the dual benefits saying “In addition to the health benefits for children and immunocompromised people, hard surface flooring is a practical, durable design choice.”

Inclusive Houser Network

We are thrilled to share the creation of a new collaborative that The Kelsey is convening. It is called the Inclusive Houser Network, an impressive group of organizations developing or operating disability-forward, inclusive housing across the country.

The Kelsey & Urban Institute launch: Disability-Forward Housing Future – A Needs Definition and Case for Impact

The Kelsey partners with Urban Institute on a project entitled: Disability-Forward Housing Future – A Needs Definition and Case for Impact. The research will serve as a blueprint for what existing data tells us, what further research may be needed, and the broad-based policy solutions to meet the need. At key milestones, this project is being guided by a pilot Community Advisory Board, which you can learn more about in this post.

Element of the Month: Path Slopes

This month’s Element of the Month, from The Kelsey’s amazing Summer Analysts, Michelle Eastman, whose central access needs are mobility and height. Her element, Path Slopes, is an example of a design choice with additional benefits.  An alternative to ramps or stairs, her element of choice creates comfort and ease of navigation in maneuvering spaces. Path Slopes don’t only support mobility and vision accessibility but also improve safety for all residents and guests.