Our New Brand

Our new brand reflects our values and mission.


We’re currently advancing a housing pipeline worth over $150 million, have worked with almost one thousand community partners on advocacy, and have grown to be a more than a $1 million annual organization. Our new brand reinforces the drive, attention to detail, scale, and seriousness of the work we do.


We design buildings to be beautiful, welcoming, and best-in-class; our brand should do the same. Too often beautiful design is reserved for the select few, and not applied to spaces that also emphasize accessibility, affordability, or inclusion of multiply marginalized communities. We don’t believe that should be the case.


We have always centered on the perspective of people with disabilities and the recognition of designing spaces, policies, and programs for disability access and inclusion to advance opportunities for everyone. Disability-forward recognizes disability as an identity that is valued and visible, and creates spaces where people of all identities are seen, welcomed, and supported. The Kelsey advances inclusion and creates access not to solve or dilute disability, but to include and embrace it.

Some other FAQs on the new brand:

Q: Why the new logo?
The first logo was created before we knew what The Kelsey would become; it was time for an intentional rebrand. We wanted a logo that demonstrated the diversity of housing options The Kelsey advances as well as the advocacy and organizing work that is fundamental to our mission. Our logo is aimed to reinforce diversity, partnership, inclusion, and optimism.

Q: Does this change what The Kelsey does?
It does not. It reinforces it. Our website launch and rebrand is meant to better reflect all the impactful work happening at The Kelsey and the growth that we’ve experienced since our launch in 2018. Designers and developers dug into our mission, examined our work to date, talked to our partners to design a brand that reflects where we are today and where we’re going in the future.

Q: How is Kelsey’s legacy reflected in the new brand?
A: We did not change our name. Everyone knows our mission and our work as The Kelsey and we like that our co-founder’s legacy is still honored in our work today. The values Kelsey taught about inclusion, especially of those with significant disabilities, and how communities of all kinds can advance inclusion through on-the-ground advocacy, innovation, and bold visions for what’s possible are still fundamental in our work. You’ll also still see Kelsey’s favorite sign, “more” reflected in our brand.