Catie Soo

Catie, a young Asian woman in a red dress, smiles in front of a green park

About Catie

Catie is a graduating senior studying English and Psychology at UCLA. She grew up helping to advocate for her younger brother Ethan, and is interested in the intersection between disability, housing, and the accessibility of support services. She enjoys reading science fiction novels, trying out new recipes, and puzzling over the correct amount of water to give her plants.

Kelsey’s favorite sign was more; what would you like to make/see ‘Home for More’ of?

Inclusion! Too often, people with disabilities have been separated from the community, and I want my brother to be able to live in a community where he feels welcome, included, and valued.

What accessibility or building features are you most excited about at The Kelsey?

The Inclusion Concierge! I love that these spaces will be accessible not only physically, but emotionally as well. Building community in living spaces is an important part of wellbeing, and I love that this kind of unity and community will be accessible to The Kelsey residents.