Element of The Month: Inclusion and Disability Training

The Kelsey launched The Housing Design Standards for Accessibility and Inclusion to equip designers, builders, and developers with guidelines and frameworks for disability-forward housing creation. It highlights cross-disability accessibility and design decisions that are anchored in inclusion. Each month we’ll feature one of our partners and the Element they’re most excited to be using in their own communities.

Beth Foraker / UC Davis 

Beth and her team applied the Housing Design Standards as they developed the SEED Scholars program, by designing training modules for Resident Directors and Community Advisors, with the purpose of creating an inclusive-on-campus experience for students with intellectual disabilities. They applied many elements as they thought about dorm living, building amenities, staffing models, and student experiences. But, training their full team on inclusion was one Beth said SEED Scholars couldn’t do without.

Element: Inclusion & Disability Training (6.1)

Design Category: Operations and Amenities

All building staff and personnel receive training in disability rights, inclusion, accessibility, and equity prior to building occupancy or within first 60 days of onboarding. 

  • Includes all management, resident-facing, and maintenance staff
  • Provides ongoing professional development opportunities

Impact Area(s): Health & Wellness; Cognitive Access

Why is this element important to you, personally or for the project?

This element made sure we addressed the training needs of the many different stakeholder groups on campus, including housing, the dining commons, the custodial staff, resident directors and community advisors

How did this accessibility element change (for the better) the overall project?

With The Kelsey’s help, we streamlined the process and created modules that are accessible to anyone at UC Davis.

What recommendations would you make to someone designing a disability-forward housing project (related to the design standards)?

I would highly recommend The Kelsey’s Design Standards as an insightful, strategic and intentional way to design disability-forward housing options on college campuses