Off-Kilter Podcast

The Kelsey is excited to be working with the Century Foundation’s new Disability Justice Economic team.  As we begin that work, Micaela Connery, Allie Cannington and Fatimah Aure were featured on the Century Foundation’s “Off Kilter” Podcast where they discussed The Kelsey’s work and how we are working to change housing policy by centering the voices and needs of people with disabilities. 

Ford Foundation Invests in The Kelsey

The Ford Foundation recently announced its first-ever program focused on advancing the rights of people with disabilities in the United States. Rebecca Cokley leads the new program as Ford’s program officer.

Rise Justice Labs 2021 Summer Cohort: The Kelsey

This month The Kelsey joins a cohort of three teams who are leading national policy initiatives. We were accepted into the 2021 summer cohort of the Rise Justice Labs accelerator program, running from August to November 2021. This 12-week program is designed to support us in passing federal legislation around disability-forward housing.

Building Housing with Olya and Todd of Sares Regis Group

In this episode, Isaac interviews Olya Krasnykh, Assistant Vice President, and Todd Regonini, Chief Development Officer of Sares Regis Group of Northern California about building housing communities for people with and without disabilities.

Raise the Roof 2020 Summary

More often than not, housing doesn’t meet the needs of people with disabilities. Some housing is too expensive, and some housing is too hard to navigate physically, emotionally, or otherwise. In part, this is because there are not enough disabled leaders working in the housing field. Also, people with disabilities are not often taught about the housing field and how housing gets built. Because of this, they are not often given the opportunities to get more involved in the housing field. If there can be more disabled leaders in the field, they can help to transform housing so that it can be more affordable, accessible, and inclusive.