Allie Cannington

White queer person smling in their manual wheelchair with short brown hair, round glasses, earirings, and a blazer.


Allie Cannington is The Kelsey’s Senior Manager of Advocacy and Organizing. She leads The Kelsey’s policy and advocacy efforts – advancing disability-forward housing solutions at the state and federal levels, most recently collaborating with US Senator Bob Casey on the bipartisan Visitable Inclusive Tax Credits for Accessible Living (VITAL) Act

Allie is a white, jewish, queer, disabled activist and organizer from the Bay Area. In addition to their work at The Kelsey, they have organized people with disabilities on local, state, and national levels for over ten years – centering on people with disabilities who live at the margins, including LGBTQIA, Black, Indigenous, people of color, low/no income, and youth with disabilities. 

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