19 Favorites From 2019

The last year of this decade brought many firsts for The Kelsey. We secured sites, raised funds, formed partnerships, launched new advocacy efforts, and achieved milestones that will create a more inclusive community in the Bay Area and beyond. Thanks for joining us in this journey as champions, donors, advisors, advocates, partners, and friends.

  1. $11.2 million awarded to The Kelsey Ayer Station from the San Jose Housing department as one of 11 projects funding by the city
  2. Won the site which will become the home of The Kelsey Civic Center in San Francisco as part of a global C40 Reinventing Cities competition
  3. Our first Inclusion Hours — yoga, advocacy, panels, happy hours—with more to come in 2020
  4. Got to know the local elected leaders and their teams who support The Kelsey in San Jose and San Francisco—Councilmember Peralez and Mayor Liccardo in San Jose and Mayor Breed in San Francisco
  5. Google funded The Kelsey with a $5.3 million predevelopment loan, as the tech company’s first direct investment
  6. Hosted design sessions where we explored everything from accessible transit to community spaces to sensory gardens and beyond. We love working with the teams at VTBS, WRNS, and Mikiten
  7. Our feature in the San Francisco Chronicle, which ran front page of the Sunday local section
  8. Shared the intersection between Coliving and inclusive living at Common’s capital markets summit in New York City (Common is working with us on The Kelsey Civic Center)
  9. Reminded people what ‘More Inclusion Is…’ with a PSA created by Reid Davenport
  10. Sent Lindsay off to law school (and welcomed her to The Kelsey Board!)
  11. Welcomed Eric and Caroline to The Kelsey team
  12. Elevated the perspectives of people with disabilities and their families as designers, advocates, and advisors (share your story and get involved here)
  13. Got to know the community and neighbors in San Jose through tours, community meetings, happy hours, and lots of coffee chats at Roy’s Station (our favorite spot!)
  14. Joined the Draper Richards Kaplan portfolio of organizations (less than 2% selected!) and welcomed Jim Bildner to our Board of Directors
  15. Kicked off The Kelsey Civic Center in San Francisco with our development partner Mercy Housing, city leaders, partners, and Mayor Breed
  16. Renewed our relationship with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to continue our advocacy efforts for affordable, inclusive housing—with lots more to come in 2020
  17. Published our Together We Can Do More Report, shared insights at our Learn Center, and conducted webinars with individuals from over 22 states
  18. Shared our work as a Bluhm Helfand Social Innovation Fellow at Chicago Ideas Week
  19. Toasted to all we’ve accomplished in San Jose for The Kelsey Ayer Station with our development partner Sares Regis, the project team, community partners, and supporters

If we had to sum up 2019 in a word, it would be momentum: “the impetus gained by a moving object”. With the support of strong partners, generous supporters, and industry-leading advisors, our team drove some ambitious and exciting goals forward over the last year. And, it’s only just beginning. Thanks for making more possible with us. Happy New Year!