LOMAH Advocacy Series Podcast – listen here!

We are so excited to share Micaela’s podcast interview with Kim Albrecht, the founder of advocacy organization LOMAH. Kim is a mom to two daughters, one with autism. LOMAH offers weekly podcasts, informational blog posts, social media shares, and a bimonthly newsletter for those interested in exploring options available to their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In the latest LOMAH podcast episode, Kim interviews Micaela about what The Kelsey is working on in the Bay Area and beyond. The two covered everything from the mechanics of our approach, to how we think about systems change, to the role parents can play in housing development, and how our culture needs to evolve to promote inclusion–and so much more! It is a two part series, so we will post the second part of the podcast here once its live.

Click here to listen to part 1 of the interview.

Here’s the triangle Micaela is referring to below. What do you think about how we approach this?