Lia Byrd

Lia Byrd, a young black woman, is pictured sitting on a staircase. Right hand placed on cheek, left hand is placed on her knee.

Pronouns: She/Her. Lia Byrd is a new Housing Development Analyst intern from the Bay Area Housing Internship Program. She is in her senior year at California State University, Eastbay obtaining a BA in Sociology, with a concentration in Black Studies. Her passion is to advocate for people in marginalized groups and The Kelsey organization is her jumpstart in fulfilling this passion. As someone born and raised in the Bay Area, she has seen firsthand how the housing crisis has affected her family and community. She is driven to be a part of a great team that created affordable housing for everyone! When she is not working, she enjoys hiking and going to different views in the Bay Area!

What part of The Kelsey’s mission are you proudest to be part of / support?

I am most proud to support The Kelsey’s mission to be disability forward and also create policies for creating better access to affordable housing. Everyone deserves the right to a comfortable and safe home and with this organization we will be able to tackle not only affordable housing, but injustices for people with disabilities in the housing market. I am proud to be a part of a company that supports people from all demographic backgrounds. 

What is your favorite building feature from one of The Kelsey communities?

My favorite building feature from one of The Kelsey communities is The Kelsey Civic Center. Not only is architecture and design phenomenal, but it is aimed to create a mixed amount of incomes allowing families with low and medium income the ability to afford any of the units. This building also includes two Inclusive Concierges who will also help the residents make connections and engage with the community! The Kelsey Civic Center is set to be available in 2023 and I am very excited to see the finished product!