Brittney Harris

Image Description: A dark-skinned woman with long, dark, curly hair wearing an orange sweater against a plain background

As a Housing Development Manager at The Kelsey, Brittney enthusiastically codevelops with community stakeholders to help build a disability forward housing future. With a B.A. degree in Psychology and a Masters in Community Planning, both earned from Auburn University, Brittney blends her understanding of human needs with her urban planning expertise to craft innovative housing solutions.

Brittney’s dedication to affordable housing manifested notably when she spearheaded a county-wide housing assessment, bringing affordable housing to Cullman County, AL. Her impact resonates further through her consultancy engagements on diverse development projects across Alabama. These experiences have not only honed her skills but also fortified her passion for making housing accessible to all.

Brittney is a proud native of Birmingham, AL., and now lives in Columbus, GA with her husband and 4 daughters, who she affectionately calls the 4LiveCrew. She enjoys spending time sharing nonprofit & for-profit business and property development tips on her social media pages to a combined audience of over 4000 community changemakers and entrepreneurs.  Brittney considers herself a huge techy, and loves spending time in her virtual reality headset “traveling” and talking with friends from all over the world. 

What part of The Kelsey’s mission are you proudest to be part of / support?

I’m particularly honored to contribute to The Kelsey’s mission of creating inclusive and sustainable housing solutions. The aspect that resonates most with me is the commitment to fostering diverse communities where everyone’s needs are not only met but celebrated. By prioritizing accessibility, integration, and community well-being, we’re not just building houses, but also creating spaces that empower individuals and promote a sense of belonging. Being part of a team that envisions a future where housing is a gateway to fuller lives is what truly inspires me at The Kelsey.

What is your favorite building feature from one of The Kelsey communities?

One of my favorite building features in The Kelsey’s communities is the innovative approach to universal design. The seamless integration of accessible features that blend with the aesthetics of the space not only ensures physical accessibility but also creates an environment of inclusivity. It’s inspiring to witness how every design element is thoughtfully curated to cater to diverse needs while maintaining the beauty and functionality of the spaces.

What do you want to create Home for More of?

What I aspire to create with The Kelsey is more than just physical structures; it’s a ‘Home for More.’ I envision developing spaces that transcend mere buildings, embracing the ideals of community, belonging, and growth. By fostering environments where everyone feels valued and connected, I aim to contribute to The Kelsey’s vision of creating homes that enrich lives and serve as catalysts for positive change.