Arpitha Shetty

Arpitha Shetty, a dark-skinned woman with long dark hair, sits at a table. She is wearing a black shirt and a pink scarf. Her arms rest on a closed laptop computer. A painting is visible on the wall in the background behind her.

Arpitha Shetty leads Inclusive Design/Accessibility at Walmart International. Originally from Bombay, India, she has lived in various cities, currently residing in the SF Bay area. Arpitha’s educational foundation in user experience design and engineering reflects her passion for creating inclusive solutions – advising clients, startups, and nonprofits, addressing complex business challenges through inclusive design approaches. In her current role, Arpitha is dedicated to fostering a culture of accessibility and inclusive design at Walmart International. She spearheads the vision, strategy and direction to create a more inclusive retail experience on a global scale, across diverse cultures.

She previously spent over a decade at PwC focused on driving accessibility and inclusive design culture across PwC products and technology. Arpitha was also an active mentor and led diversity initiatives across the company.