Ann’s #MyOwnHome Story

Ann, Asian woman drinking coffee at table as her orange colored cat peaks over table staring at her.

We're excited to welcome Ann Bui to The Kelsey as the new Manager of Housing and Inclusion Services! Ann brings a unique perspective as a family advocate as well as an understanding of the California Regional Center Services System. As with everyone on our team, we asked her to share her #MyOwnHome story.

#MyOwnHome has meant a lot of things in my life. Growing up, I was a caregiver to my parents, and younger brother Martin who has Autism and a traumatic brain injury. With my role in the family, my home was with them until I was 31.

As refugee immigrants, we faced many challenges. I grew up advocating for my family members with disabilities, to gain access to healthcare services, education, housing, and employment, while managing my own invisible disabilities. My family and I faced discrimination, and barriers throughout our housing journey. It caused us to move from state-to-state seeking better supports and services, and a place to call home, where we felt welcomed and supported.

Today, home means something different, it’s where I share an apartment with my partner and two rescue cats. Yet, it still is frustrating to learn that less than 20% of all people with developmental disabilities have access to their own home, and that average rents are 113% of a person with a disabilities *entire* SSI income. It’s time to change that. I’m grateful to join The Kelsey’s team to advance community-based inclusive housing options for people with disabilities and making sure they have the services and community connections that support them to thrive where they live.

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