$20M AHSC Funding for The Kelsey Civic Center

A rendering of a building, The Kelsey Civic Center, with cross-section view shoring a courtyard with trees surrounded by a U-shaped building with 8 floors. The floors have earth tone colors in the center corridor.

The California Strategic Growth Council announced its recommendations for Round 6 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program funding awards, and The Kelsey Civic Center project was recommended for a $20M award — a major milestone towards a fully funded project! 

AHSC is a program aimed at building healthier communities and protecting the environment, and provides funding for development projects that assist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the supply of affordable places to live near jobs, stores, transit, and other daily needs, making it easier for Californians to drive less and access key destinations by walking, biking, and transit. $20M of the total award goes to our project, with the additional funding supporting local transit investments and a workforce development program for people with disabilities which we’ve allocated to The Arc of San Francisco.

As a community designed at the intersection of inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability and a C40 Reinventing Cities demonstration project, The Kelsey Civic Center is proud to be funded by such an aligned program. We’re grateful for our partners at Mercy Housing California for their work with our team in securing these crucial funds. This puts our San Francisco housing community in its final phases of funding and closer to groundbreaking ahead.

For information on becoming a supporter in our final project funding, including naming opportunities, contact LizaDawn@thekelsey.org.