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Text on image reads "In her 31 Years, Kelsey and her family made lasting strides to make inclusion a reality in the places Kelsey lived, work and played. Elizabeth Grigsby, Jamie Carlin. A small image of a roof with a heart on it is located in the right-hand corner of the image.

Dear Friend,

The word inspiration gets thrown around often. In a world that is full of complex challenges and great needs, we’re always looking for people who move the needle towards good in our communities, in lasting and measurable ways. Kelsey O’Connor did just that. 

In her 31 years, Kelsey and her family made lasting and permanent strides to make more inclusion a reality in the places Kelsey lived, learned, and played. In her honor, The Kelsey is proud to carry that legacy of inclusion forward. Whether you knew Kelsey personally or are personally impacted by the work done in her name, we can all see the value of The Kelsey’s mission to make communities more inclusive, accessible, affordable, and welcoming to all people.

Kelsey’s favorite sign was ‘more’, expressed by loudly clapping her hands. Over the last month, The Kelsey’s community shared their own more stories. The Kelsey’s work is fueled by these visions of what more is possible. They have secured two housing projects amounting to 225 homes, secured over $18 million in funding, and introduced new legislation for disability housing.

Join this movement with a gift. Funds raised support accessible design workshops, pilot services programs like the Inclusion Concierge and Inclusion Hours, and do early organizing work where we develop housing. Whether $25 or $25,000, your gift says that you are committed to inclusion for all, and are forever part of The Kelsey’s community.

Will you join us in affirming Kelsey’s legacy, and make more possible with a donation to The Kelsey today?  Today, donations mean even more, as they’re matched. Don’t wait to give!

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