Element-of-the-Month Template: Kitchen Layout Plans

The Kelsey is honored to highlight a resident from an Inclusive Houser Network organization, Main Street (Rockville, Maryland). Our featured resident is named Kathryn and is also on staff at their on-site eatery called The Soulfull Cafe. Kathryn’s favorite element is Kitchen Layout Plans which allows her space to maneuver freely and have up to two people comfortably cook at once. Kathryn talks about how the enhanced accessibility of her kitchen layout gives her the ability to live independently.

Molly’s Journey To Her #Homeformore

Having gone to college and lived away from my parents, I never thought it would be 13 years after I graduated until I would finally move out on my own…but that’s what happened.

Element of the Month: Artwork in Building

Annie Lascoe, Director of Development, appreciates the ability artwork has to “transform a house into a home” as well as create a sense of belonging in the community.

Inclusive Houser Network

We are thrilled to share the creation of a new collaborative that The Kelsey is convening. It is called the Inclusive Houser Network, an impressive group of organizations developing or operating disability-forward, inclusive housing across the country.

Element of the Month: Focus Group

This month’s Element of the Month is brought to you by one of our allies and close architectural partners, Anne Riggs of David Baker Architects. An element that has been crucial for her work are Focus Groups which involve people with disabilities sharing insight and feedback before the design process even begins. She talks about the importance of involving end users from the very beginning to ensure an inclusive product.