David Chen

About David He/Him David is a summer intern here at The Kelsey with the Housing Team. He is expected to assist in anyway he can, including but not limited to market studies, building proforma, and reviewing contracts. Prior to his studies for real estate in Ithaca, New York, David had participated in several organizations like …

Michelle Eastman

Michelle Eastman is our first-ever Inclusion Concierge at The Kelsey Ayer Station! Hailing from Southern California, Michelle brings a unique perspective to her role because of growing up within the disability community. She has a graduate degree from Boston University and over a decade of disability advocacy experience both nationally and internationally.

Kristina Cardenas

Kristina is the Senior Inclusion Concierge at The Kelsey Ayer Station in San Jose, CA. In her role, she is privileged to connect with residents and foster a strong sense of integration and support within the community. She is excited to share the benefits of the Inclusion Concierge Program and how it can pave the way for more disability-forward living environments.

Element of the Month: Isaac Haney-Owens

This month’s element comes from San Francisco native and Giants fan, Isaac Haney-Owens. Isaac is the longest-running employee of The Kelsey and the team member who met CEO Micaela Connery first. In fact, they met at one of The Kelsey’s early focus group. Isaac operates on the Communication Team creating and posting social media content as well as hosting a podcast where he gets to interview prominent leaders both locally and nationally. Isaac loves the element “Focus Groups” for its deep sense of engagement and voice it gives the most marginalized of a community. In his opinion, Focus Groups allow people with disabilities to be “a part of the conversation from the start.”

Arpitha Shetty

The Kelsey is thrilled to welcome Arpitha as a new member of our Board of Directors. Arpitha leads work around accessibility and design within Walmart and brings a passion for disability-forward spaces and experiences into her board services. Click to read more about her.

Jennifer Angarita

We’re thrilled to have Jennifer join The Kelsey Board of Directors. Jennifer brings a belief in our work coupled with aligned experience in social justice, philanthropy, and affordable housing to support a mission to create Home for More.