My Own Home

Do you remember the first time you moved into your own apartment or home?‚Äč

Maybe it was with roommates – friends you’d known forever or people you found after hours of Craisglist hunting. Or, maybe you went solo and found that small spot just for you. You hung photos on the wall and placed lamps in the corner. The furniture didn’t match, but you made it cozy. There were likely some mishaps and home was probably perfectly imperfect in more ways than one. Tiny room? Fake-it-till-you-make-it closets? Sticky keys? Really bad carpeting? All likely. You called your parents to ask what the numbers on the first electric bill meant and to tell them about the neighbor who held the door for you as you dragged in groceries. You invited friends over and hosted your first adult dinner party. You set off the smoke detector and went through more than a few rolls of paper towels.It was nothing you imagined and everything you wanted. It was home, and it was your own.For millions of people with disabilities, this experience of having “my own home” is never a reality. When kids with disabilities turn 22 and enter the world of adult services, they often become isolated, lack independence, and don’t get to experience the exciting (and challenging!) things that come with moving out on your own. The Kelsey is changing that.

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